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Our Philosophy

Whether you imagine it, see it in a magazine, or fall in love with a previous design we will make it for you. Your home, your design! If you haven't seen anything don't worry, with over 15 years of experience, we will help you select or design the styles that best suit you and your home.

Our Story

Titan Decor is a family owned business that focuses on decorating your home with characteristics that describe you.

Decorating and creating a house into a real home since 1999. Titan Decor prides in excellent customer service, fast response and/or delivery time, and excellent product quality.

Titan Decor was an idea brought to life by not just our design team, but by our customers. Thanks to the most loyal and dedicated Interior Designers, Titan Decor has been able to expand their understanding of designs and styles. They love mix and match styles like to give you a design that compliments your lifestyle and interests.

Next Steps...

Color, Layout, and Design

With so many options out there, it can be difficult and intimidating to select the right décor for your home. However, today is YOUR LUCKY DAY!

We offer free estimates for any window treatment you are interested in, and anything for your home décor! So Do NOT  MISS OUT! Send us your contact information and we will gladly come to you and show you what we've got!